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Master Your Intuition & Clarify Your Life Purpose


Richmond, VA

Thursday, Dec. 14th
7:00pm – 9:30pm

Chrysalis Gathering Space
3527 Ellwood Ave,
Richmond, VA

Investment: $35

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Expand Your Psychic Sensitivity and Your Understanding of Your Life’s Purpose.

Experience the reality and power of your spiritual nature and your intuitive potential. This workshop is packed with techniques that enable you to re-awaken and experience your true nature.

You are a unique gathering of energy with tremendous power when you are master of yourself. This workshop will give you the experiences you need to move smoothly into a higher level of self-mastery. And it is fun as well as fulfilling.

Master Your Energy

Attend the “Exploring New Spiritual Horizons” to:

  • Clearly understand why you are here on Planet Earth, where you came from and the reason why you attracted the environment and people in your life.
  • Discover your personal relationship with the Universe and your life on Planet Earth.
  • Develop your psychic tune-in and experience techniques that show you how to sense and discern energy and how to make it practical.
  • Raise your energy/aura to a 100% positive and relaxed vibration. Using this simple technique will attune you to your Angels instantly. (You’ll probably feel chills too!)
  • Experience soul-to-soul communication. Experience the feeling of being one with all things and with all people.
  • Feel powerful healing energy and develop your own healing abilities.
  • Understand the power of being true to yourself and “Your three loyalties.”

For more information phone 540 854 4841 or email

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