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Accelerating Spiritual Growth through Psychic Development
May 5, 7pm - 9:00pm
3527 Ellwood Avenue


Accelerating Spiritual Growth through Psychic Development
Wednesday, May 13, 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Sacred Circle Bookstore
919 King St

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Uncover the Secrets of Your Past Lives

an In-depth Weekend Retreat
Saturday September 9th & Sunday September 10th

Heal your Deepest Fears that originated in the Past and Create Change NOW!

You are invited to a weekend of self-discovery and exploration into your journey of Reincarnation.

You have had many, many lifetimes of experience previous to this one. Many of the fears that block you now have been brought with you from past lifetimes.

You’ll discover the fears that are rooted in experiences that have ended long ago and heal them forever.

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You are a soul with lifetimes of experience!

In this Astro Soul® course, you will delve into your Akashic Records with the assistance of your team of spiritual helpers, so you become aware of many of the past life experiences that impact you both positively and not-so-positively.

You will access past lives in which you have developed wonderful talents and gifts that you might be under-utilizing now. You can begin to access and re-engage these innate talents.

You’ll release fears that are rooted in experiences that ended long ago.

By investigating past lives you’ll release past negative feelings so you can build a solid foundation based on your positive qualities.

Memories from past lives are not memories of the mind.

They are emotional or sensation-type memories. This means that you react to certain situations or people based on old emotions and fears.

You simply react without thinking!

If you meet a person who was hurtful to you in a past life, you may not trust them when you meet them again in this life. But, you will not know why you feel that way – you just feel it!

You may have met someone and instantly like them, or instantly dislike them! If you have had this experience, then you have already experienced an unconscious memory from a past lifetime. Often, you are attracted to people because you have known them before. “Love at first sight” is the way society sometimes explains this instant recognition and attraction.

In this course you will experience deep personal healing, astral travel, regression to several past lives, and trance/mediumship work. You will explore the Fifth Dimension and tune in to the universe for healing. YOU can do all of these things! You will learn tools and receive the training to access your metaphysical abilities!

During this weekend course we are going to bring your sub-conscious past life memories to your conscious memory. You will discover the details of 5-10 previous lifetimes. Although it is fun and interesting to know about your past experiences, we don’t do it for the fun of it. We look back for the purpose seeing the bigger picture of the experiences you have had that have shaped who you are today. And, to create a more positive, successful present life.

We’re not just going to talk about past lives. We’ll actually take you back to your own past life experiences so you can see, hear, feel, and smell the memories for yourself. You’ll learn safe, simple ways to travel back to your past lives and bring your past life memories from your Akashic records to your conscious memory – with the help of your own guides.

Through the practical, hands-on exercises in the course you’ll experience:

  • 3 ways that dreams will reveal your spiritual lessons and how you can use these dreams to guide your life’s direction.
  • Simple ways of remembering your past lives so you can learn from them.
  • Receive healing from the Astro Soul angels for habits you want to release from past lives.
  • Get a Portfolio of the Past- receiving information about 5 lifetimes including the time, location, your sex and your experiences at that time.
  • Through trance and semi-trance assist to heal souls who have been stuck in the past.
  • Heal loved ones who have passed on and experience the timelessness of your love.

You will also discover how to:

  • Open your hidden memory banks of your past lives to reveal why you have certain tendencies in this life.
  • Release and heal fear, hurt or grief that has been sub-consciously affecting you in your present life situations.
  • Discern the reality about past lives, karma, and pre-destination from the fairy-tales.
  • Find tune your sensitivity to perceive past lives around people.
  • Release past negative feelings from past lives so you can build a solid foundation of positive qualities.
  • Become more patient as you see the bigger picture of your evolution as a soul through several lifetimes.
  • Discern what is you and what is not you so life becomes less of a struggle.
  • Create the change you’ve been desiring more quickly because you are willing to release tendencies from the past.
  • Assist loved ones present or departed to heal.
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You’ll feel lighter, and FREE to move forward in the NOW.

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By the end of the weekend you will understand more of the Laws of your universe. You are never alone and you have a plan and a purpose. By regrouping your past, you will be better equipped for your Happy, Successful and Abundant Future. You will be refreshed and renewed after letting go of the energetic ties from the past!

Saturday September 9th, 9am-6pm & Sunday September 10th 9am-5pm

Comfort Suites Fredericksburg South
4615 Southpoint Pkwy
Fredericksburg, VA

Investment $299 Super-Early Bird price of $199 (Expires July 15, 2017!)

Pre-requisite for this course is 1001:

Orientation Profile. (If you have attended an Angel Encounter Workshop, you received this profile consultation.) This is an individual consultation that can be done with a certified Spiritual Consultant of the Wayshowers College in person or over phone/Skype. Available for the reduced price of $100 when you register for the Reincarnation and Universal Energy class.

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