New Spiritual Horizons are Coming

New Spiritual Horizons are Coming

The College will be initiating campaigns, directly to the New Searcher, for our New Spiritual Horizons Program.

What this means for you is that more and more people experiencing the Man and the Universe Lecture will be connecting with their Journeymen.

Additionally we are going to create campaigns inspiring Searchers, who are ready, to become Distributors, Instructors and Consultants. This means your ‘Apprentices’ will find you quicker. All of these campaigns will guide people to you.

Our spiritual community is growing – let’s do MORE!

On Thursday Evening, February 11th at the International Regrouping venue, an overview of this initiative will be shared. Because of the attendance of leaders at all levels of experience, there will be lots of opportunity for you to share your thoughts and feelings about this energy to help in executing the plan in the coming months and years!

The NSH thrust will start after the IR. The first wave will have two stages:

  1. The first stage will be specials for you to have your tools sharp and current on all the basics (this includes New Refresher Programs we are pulling together).
  2. The second stage will be full internet and Alliance campaigns attracting new searchers to our first three steps.

Plans that are forming by all of the corporations will easily work in tandem with this thrust.
Stay tuned – a more detailed outline will be in the January TCN! It’s almost here!
See you in Florida!

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