International Regrouping – Hollywood, Florida

International Regrouping – Hollywood, Florida

This year’s Regrouping will deliver an eye-opening experience that will keep you involved in the excitement of having a better relationship with your Inner Vision. Developed to help you to bring out the very best of that Inner Vision, you will maneuver through the reasons why this can create more success in your life.

As you continue your Evolution Revolution as a soul, your success is planted in your ability to see yourself in your own life.

This is an important time for our Inner Vision which starts Manifestation!

The masterful palette of that inner vision creates the picture for your goals and allows you to see yourself in it. Then you are able to edit, change, refine or utilize the original vision for your focused success. This is where true success lies.

Get “unstuck” from a vision that does not fit anymore. Release the “fight” with it or against it! You will see the clarity of how Expecting, Assuming and Demanding can poison the rich water well of your life! The Vision & Niche Regrouping is an important one for all because the quickness of the Inner Vision and the Success it creates is about taking the time to allow it to happen.

Themes and Energies of the Week – February 8-12, 2016

Monday, Feb. 8 – VISION – Letting Go; Joy, Happiness, Fulfillment & Play; Loyalty; “Innate Rebellion”; Outgrowing Planet Earth

Tuesday, Feb. 9 – TRANSFORMATION – Decisions=Lessons; Feeler Gift & Identification Chakra; Renewed Inner Leadership; ‘Become’ the Essence of What You Seek=BE

Wednesday, Feb. 10 – MOTION – Having All the Facts Clear, Without Pressure; Naturally Drawing the ‘Need’ Out; Society, Excuses & Enthusiasm; Ride the Waves of Energy; Follow Through and Follow Up

Thursday, Feb. 11 – LIVE – Manifestation; Perserverance & Stamina; Releasing the Last 2%; Healing & Opportunity; Energy to Create

Friday, Feb. 12 – BEYOND – No Holds Barred; Awareness & Buffer; Expecting, Assuming, Demanding; Resources: Turning Nothing into Something; Investing in the Best Qualities

Program PricingĀ Feb. 8-12, 2016:

Advance Registration: $850 – by Jan. 25; if after Jan. 25, $1000
Advance Contracted Instructors: $750 – by Jan. 25; if after Jan. 25, $1000
At the door: $1000/week – $200/Per Day

To have experienced 1001 A&B or 1001, 1002A, 7001 or 7004 profiles. Recommended 1003A profile. To obtain any of these profiles to meet prerequisites call the ALC Office to find a Consultant in your area.

There are training profile courses being offered starting Sunday, February 7 and also on Saturday, February 13. The schedules are posted at the link above so take advantage of the special energy of the International Regrouping to empower you as a 1st time or refresher of these.

You will also find a detailed outline for the course location’s accommodations. Get a great sense of waking up in the morning in this cleansed environment and going to bed all wrapped up as you stretch out to “D” zone while sleeping. You will also have details on transportation and what to bring to insure you “feel more at home” while there.

What fun and growth we are going to have together. Airline tickets are still very reasonable. There is still time to register for the week, the new profiles and the sheer feeling of being with your brothers and sisters at the 2016 International Regrouping.

So that you can readily access the individual days of the Week’s Regrouping, New Profiles offered and other areas part of the 2016 International Regrouping, links have been created for your convenience. They can be found at the top of the page.

Can’t wait to see everyone!

More Info and Registration
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