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Reincarnation, Angels, & Life Purpose
an interactive technique workshop


A modern Guide to Reincarnation, Angels, and Your True Life Purpose. This experiential Technique Workshop delves deeper into Reincarnation and you will experience four techniques that will reveal how sensitive your are to past lifetime experiences.

During our workshop you will unravel mysteries in your life and spiritual connection. You will be challenged to take a fresh look at what you attract in key areas of your life

  • Do you feel drained at times around certain people?
  • Are you overly sensitive to negativity?
  • Is it difficult maintaining positive relationships with people?

Learn techniques and unique insights to help you neutralize negativity and trust your hunches. Discover how Reincarnation and Your Life Purpose affects your relationships.

Find answers to troublesome questions There are answers, but it may require you to suspend your current beliefs and evaluate NEW WAYS of understanding life. Reincarnation can help clarify many of life’s unexplained mysteries

Techniques you will experience

  • Aura Cleansing – Learn how to rejuvenate your aura and clear your home from negativity.
  • Astro projection into the 5th Dimension. Experience soul travel as you release your physical body and experience being unlimited.
  • Intuitive impressions of past lives. Learn how to trust your hunches as you use your sensitivity to experience past lifetimes.
  • Psychometry – Learn how physical objects of other people affect your aura and energy.

Good Reasons for attending:

  • Learn the true nature of Angels, your Messengers of God
  • The impact of Past Lifetimes in your current lifetime
  • What it means when you dream
  • The 3 Levels of Life After Death. Discover where a person goes when they pass on. You might be surprised!
  • How the 4 Avenues Of Perception simplifies your ESP and helps you interpret your hunches each day.
  • Learn why you may feel fearful or anxious for no apparent reason. As you keep evolving fear dissipates.

You will be challenged to take a fresh look at what you attract in key areas of your life. You will explore spiritual concepts that affect every relationship you have. You will learn how Spiritual Contracts and Soul Affinities impact the longevity of relationships.

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Event Info

Saturday April 23rd
1:00 am-5:00 pm

Hampton Inn – Dubuque
3434 Dodge St
Dubuque, IA
Registration Fee: $55.00

Do you have questions:
Call (877) 525-6335



Roger Ringo
Educator & Consultant

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