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Do you have questions regarding Angels, Intuition, Life After Death, Auras, Meditation, or Spiritual Sensitivity?

Come and experience this fun, dynamic technique oriented workshop presented by Master Metaphysician, Roger Ringo. It will help you better understand your true spiritual nature and explain common myths and misunderstanding of your Sixth Sense and how it is truly a part of your every day life.

You will learn important keys to experiencing a Love Affair With Your Life, an important aspect of attracting success.

Explore your Intuition and Angel Communication. Overcome feeling stagnant and minimize stress in your life. Gain a greater understanding of life and how it truly works.

People who attend this workshop are inspired by the insights learned and experience a rejuvenation within. Meet other like minded people on the same journey.


Sat, April 2nd, 1:00 – 5:00 pm
Holiday Inn North,  4800 Merle Hay Rd, Des Moines
Cost: $55.00

In this program you will delve into:

  • The true nature of Angels and their role in your life. The more you connect with your Angels, the better your life will be!
  • A deeper awareness of your life as a unique being that can tap into your higher resources whenever you need them.
  • Discover what your True Life Purpose means to you as you make decisions. This minimizes doubts about your life and what is best to do. You will be truly free!
  • Learn how to recharge your Aura with two techniques.
  • Your Four Avenues Of Perception. These perceptions shape our communication styles and ways we interpret life. Prophecy, Vision, Intuition and Feeling are the four avenues.
  • The role of Hunches and Dreams in our lives will be clarified.
  • Learn no fewer that Four Techniques for sensing the healing the aura. Energy Elevator, Thought Transference, Group Cleansing, and Clear Channel Healing.

The time is right to start

  • trusting your hunches more
  • finding a few moments each day for simple meditation.
  • becoming more alert to your Inner Guidance/Angels.
  • discovering your True Life Purpose.

Learn contemporary insights to these topics that will help you magnetize greater joy and meet other like minded people. You will better understand your true spiritual nature.

Common myths and misunderstanding of your Sixth Sense will be explained. Your Sixth Sense (or commonly referred to as ESP) is a part of your ever day life.

Event Info

Sat, April 2,
1:00 – 5:00 pm

Holiday Inn North:
4800 Merle Hay Rd, Des Moines
Registration Fee: $55.00

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Roger Ringo
Educator & Consultant

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