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Mystical Practices of the Native Americans
– Vision Quest Journey

Sept 25, 2016
1:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Private Residence
3017 C Yorktown Hwy
Yorktown, VA

Investment – $73.00

Contact Alma at  757.329 8645
to register or for more information.

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Alma Phillips, Mary Anne Wassenburg  Ginger Garvey are Wayshower College Certified Spiritual Consultants and Facilitators skilled at teaching people how to develop their spiritual part for practical use in daily life.

Private consultations are available to develop a deeper connection with your spiritual helpers, and to receive a simple technique for two-way communication.

Remember when you felt peaceful and at ease in your life?

Vision Quest Journey is for those who desire to reconnect with their true selves. Somewhere in our busy schedules at work and at home we forget how it feels to be ourselves. You are a peaceful powerful spirit seeking your highest purpose. Inner peace doesn’t just happen, it comes from taking time in our lives for our spiritual health.

Joining our Vision Quest Journey is an opportunity to return to those true feelings you have shut down or seemingly forgotten in the press of life.

624During this course you will:

  • Quiet your mind in contemplation of the message of the medicine wheel.
  • Travel within to reconnect to the Great Spirit that knows your soul’s desire.
  • Receive affirmations of your life purpose and return to a pivot of inner knowing on which you can build moving forward.

It is never too late to be you, in your complete perfection.

As materials will be prepared for each individual, please message us with inquiries or registration

We will be spending some of this class out of doors, please dress accordingly.

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