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Discover and Heal Your Past Lives

Richmond, VA

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Friday, August 25th
6:00pm – 8:30pm

Alchemists Bookstore
Stony Point Fashion Park
9200 Stony Point Parkway
Richmond, VA 23235

To register phone 804 320 9200

Investment: $50 – Limited to 8 people.

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You are invited to join an intimate group and experience a journey of self-discovery and healing.

If you have a stuck area in your life or a block that you just can’t seem to let go of – a past life healing could be the answer.

When you hold on to an emotion from the past it seems irrational. There’s no logical reason to feel that way – yet you are feeling it! It’s the emotions from past lives that you are holding on to – even though you are not in those circumstances any longer.

This shows up in your life as a recurring problem, bad habit and negative reactions to things. The emotions you feel are intense and real, and are almost always rooted in a fear from a past life (often when your situation was life-threatening). Gaining a conscious understanding of where the fear originated in a past life will heal the energy block. You’ll let it go for good. It will be as if it was never there in the first place.

Past life healing can also help you to understand your relationships with the people around you.

Family members, friend or colleagues may be treating you in a certain way because of what happened in a past life! Once you understand this, you can shift the energy. Usually the other person will act differently towards you once you’ve released the energy block, and they don’t even know why.
You have also mastered many skills and gained positive traits from your past life experiences – it’s not all bad! In this class you’ll glimpse a lifetime where you mastered a positive skill and see how you can tap into this inner wisdom now in your present life.

This class will be a combination of learning techniques to discover your own Past Lives, and receive a personal reading from me as I pick up on past life experiences for the you.

You will:

  • Discover a past life in which you mastered a skill, so you can see the positive influences that are still with you.
  • Understand the connection from past life experiences and the habits in your current lifetime.
  • Release negative tendencies from the past for good and replace with with positive solutions so you can create the change you desire.
    Discover the 4 Zones of Consciousness around Planet Earth.
  • Learn to “astro travel” to past life experiences AND to receive healing from the universe!
  • Receive “gallery style” past life readings from Melissa.

I will tune in to the past life that is most relevant to a stuck area of your life at this time. You’ll get details of what occurred and see how the emotions from the past are still influencing you. Once you understand the story and where it came from, you can let it go!

I will do as many personal past life readings as I have time for during the evening. These will be done on a first in first served basis based on when you pre-register for the class. If you make your payment quickly, you’ll be first in line to receive a personal reading during the class.

For more information phone 540 854 4841 or email


Melissa Kitto

Facilitator Melissa Kitto is one of the world’s most respected and experienced authorities on communication with the Higher Spirit.  She has presented this workshop in the USA, UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. She has been a Wayshowers College Certified Spiritual Consultants since age 16.  If you want to free yourself and live your life to your fullest potential, this is your opportunity to do so.

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