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Angel Encounter Workshop

Eliminate Self-Doubt from Your Life.
Trust Your Sensitivity.

In this class you will establish a clear, direct, two-way communication with your angels (aka: spirit guides, spiritual helpers, inner guidance).

  • Receive immediate answers from Spirit concerning your life’s direction.
  • Practice expanding your Four Psychic Gifts of Intuition, Vision, Prophecy and Feeling to receive insights and guidance.
  • Raise the energy vibration of yourself and your environment so you are relaxed and connected at all times.
  • Receive a comprehensive Orientation Profile which explains your psychic gifts, number of angels, their gender, how they contact you and more.
  • Learn to trust the insights you receive from your inner guidance so you can take practical action in your life to reach your goals and live your life’s purpose.

For more information on this life-changing class, see the Angel Encounter Workshop page. 

Investment $125 if pre-registered by Wednesday, March 9th Register Now
$150 at the door

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Saturday March 12th

Dancing Moon
1840 Wake Forest Rd.
Raleigh, NC

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Exploring Your Psychic Potential

Sunday, March 13
2:00pm – 5:30pm

Hampton Inn Raleigh/Cary
201 Ashville Ave,
Cary, NC 27518

Investment $45

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During this 3-hour Intensive Workshop you will experience unique techniques that will increase your self-awareness, refine your inner communication, expand your personal energy and your trust in your intuitive abilities. Regroup your own big picture of how your life’s experiences, parents, team of angels & early environment have influenced who you are today.

See the positive growth that has occurred in your life, and open your energy flow to more growth, fulfillment and joy!

Experience Unique Psychic Development Techniques including:

  • THOUGHT TRANSFERENCE – Experience how sensitive you really are. Learn to clearly coordinate your energy with your intent for amazing results.
  • LOVE FEAST – A powerful healing technique that fills you with the highest energy in the universe. Bring yourself back to your inner light.
  • SECURITY CIRCLE – Experience true oneness within yourself and with your peers.
  • SPIRITUAL CLEANSING – Raise your energy/aura to be 100% positive and relaxed. This will buffer you from outside pressures, stress and negativity.

You will be invited to be a part of advanced psychic development sessions so you can accelerate your growth and spiritually evolve with like-minded people.

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