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You, Your Life and Your Angels

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Tuesday, Oct. 4th
7:30pm – 9:00pm

International Hall, Multi-Purpose Room
Landsdowne Terrace
London WC1N 1AS
Investment £10

Contact Rosie at to reserve your seat. Payment at the venue is welcome.

Learn simple and practical techniques to connect with your Angels!

Connect with like-minded souls to experience yourself as a spiritual being connected to your loving source of wisdom and support.

Discover a simple, experiential and practical approach to spiritual development. Learn tools and techniques that you can take away and use straight away to tune in and get your own answers and best direction.

When you attend the Inner Peace Movement Workshops you’ll re-discover the truth of who you are. You are a soul with immense potential, energy & power when you know how to direct it.

When you can direct your energy, you’ll create a different kind of life for yourself – the one that you really want to live!

You may have struggled to tell the difference between your own busy mind & your inner guidance; the still small voice inside. This workshop will help you discern the difference between your intellect & your inner guidance so you always know how to trust your own wisdom. Feel in harmony with yourself and your angels and learn about the abundance of support and backing that they have for you.

At the workshop you will:

  • Experience the power of your spiritual energy/aura
  • Begin to understand your life purpose and how you can unfold it.
  • Learn a technique that will help you immediately relax and be receptive to your Angels’ messages.
  • Learn about your team of guardian angels and how you can be aware of their messages. Discover how to recognize ANYTIME your angels want to communicate with you. Discover how sensitive you are to your environment and why it is essential you keep your energy vibration at a high positive level.
  • Learn the four ways you can use your psychic abilities and the keys to developing all of them!
  • Practice using your psychic sensitivity and realize how psychic you already are!
  • There will also be some time to chat and get to know like-minded souls.

Exploring Spiritual Development Tools with Our Angels

Tuesday, October 11th
7:30pm -9:30pm

International Hall, Multi-Purpose Room
Landsdowne Terrace
London, WC1N 1AS

Investment £15

Contact Rosie at to reserve your seat. Payment at the venue is welcome.

This is a second step workshop to go more in depth.

It is recommended that you have attended one previous workshop before attending this one. If you would like to attend and have not attended a previous workshop please contact me on

During this second step workshop you will experience unique techniques to help you increase your confidence and trust in your intuitive abilities. Get to know like-minded people in the group and make connections!

  • Regroup your own big picture of how your life’s experiences and your parents, team of angels & your early environment has influenced who you are today.
  • See the positive growth that has occurred in your life, and open your energy flow for more growth, fulfillment and joy.
  • Experience Unique Psychic Development Techniques including:
    • LOVE FEAST– A wonderful loving, healing energy. Bring yourself back to your inner light.
    • SECURITY CIRCLE– Create a feeling of unity within yourself and with your peers.
    • SPIRITUAL CLEANSING– Raise your energy/aura to be much more positive and relaxed. This will buffer you from outside pressures, stress and negativity.



Rosie Holroyd is a Wayshowers College Certified Spiritual Consultant and Technique Facilitator. She has presented workshops and courses in the UK and USA for the past 7 years.

In July of 2016, Inner Peace Movement International’s president, Richard Lassiter, referred to Rosie as, “the UK’s most affective and ethical spiritual educator.”

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