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Angels, You & the Universe

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Wednesday, Sept. 28, 2016
Comfort Inn Maingate
7675 W. Irlo Bronson Hwy
Kissimee, FL

Investment $15

You are a Psychic Being. You are Energy and you have a Team of Angels to Guide you!

In this class you will truly FEEL and EXPERIENCE this truth and learn to use your energy in positive ways to expand and improve your life.

You will:

  • learn more about communicating with your team of Angels (Spirit Guides). Your angels are already sending you messages every day but you may not be paying attention! Learn to listen and receive the guidance that is available to you.
  • become aware of how your angels help you with your life purpose.
  • learn to be in the right place at the right time by trusting your Intuition and by receiving the assistance of your angels.
  • learn the 4 avenues of psychic communication and the keys to developing all of them including Intuition (Clairaudience), Vision (Clairvoyance), Prophecy and Feeling
  • experience techniques that will strengthen your psychic ability.

You may have had many mystical experiences in your life but not known how to make sense of them. You are not alone, and you can develop these natural abilities in a safe and practical way. This will add a richness and joy to your life!

By the end of this class you will be better equipped to live your purpose and re-ignite your inner freedom to be more successful in your life. Meet like minded people, share and have fun

Inner Guidance: My Team of Guardian Angels

Inner Guidance - My team of angels

Saturday October 1, 2016
1:00pm – 5:00 PM

Hawthorn Suites Convention Center
6434 Westwood Blvd., Orlando

Investment: $45

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An interactive seminar focusing on your spiritual journey, your team of Guardian Angels, your purpose and self-mastery of your situation.

Gain a clear understanding of “Guardian Angels” are all about

Feel more secure about your spiritual experiences with your guidance. 

Participate in techniques designed to help you realize what true communication at a soul to soul level and gain an expanded perspective of  the four spiritual gifts.

Learn a simple but profound self healing technique for instant relaxation.

Become aware of your spiritual sensitivity and how to use it more practically in your daily life.

Fee: $45.00 with advanced registration, until 11 PM 9/30/16.  $50.00 at door but pre-registration is recommended as limited space available. 

Instructor:  Kathleen Ellis, Wayshowers College Certified Spiritual Consultant & Instructor.  For more information:  contact instructor at kellis2worlds@yahoo.com or 229 669-8391. 


Kathleen Ellis and Helen McReynold have studied and presented technique workshops and advanced courses for a combined 80+ years. They are a team of diverse skills that cover the full range of spiritual instruction modalities. Both are ALC Certified Spiritual Consultants.

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