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Heaven On Earth,
Living In A Stream Of Love

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There is an infinite power to change and heal when you tap your Inner Love, your Inner Kindness, and your Inner Authority. Only by putting your life into a spiritual perspective of being a Soul with a Physical Body, can a deeper healing take place.

This workshop teaches healing and successful living using fresh insights and the innovative Sea Of Tranquility meditation technique. You will learn 4 simple but powerful techniques that will help heal your soul and rejuvenate your Aura.

Many people are extremely sensitive to the thoughts, feeling, and energies of other people. This “sensitivity” can be overwhelming and difficult. Do you absorb and feel extreme negativity around you? You can learn how to buffer yourself from these and live a more healthy, positive life.


Heaven On Earth: Living In A Stream Of Love

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A fascinating four hour technique workshop that will lift your spirit and help you explore your subconscious beliefs about Heaven, Love, and Healing that can can inhibit successful living.

The workshop is about you and rediscovering your passion for life. It is about unlocking your power of loving yourself and releasing unpleasant past experiences from your early years.

  • Explore your concepts of Heaven, Love, and Healing. What are your feelings regarding these three topics?
  • Take a look at your belief of “sacrificing” and how it affects you in your daily life.
  • Delve into the energy of “being worthy” and see how this can affect your success.
  • Discover how to bring out some of your positive qualities in order to utilize them toward you goals.
  • Learn to release negativity and replace it with positive energy.
  • See how your inner trust can help you work more closely with your inner guidance.

There are many techniques in this course you can use in a practical way in daily life. Learn how your “Law of Attraction” can work for you and against you.

6 Reasons To Attend

  • Learn how to use simple meditation and breathing to channel healing energy
  • Explore the essence of your True Life Purpose
  • Contemporary insights into Angels, your Spiritual Guidance.
  • Importance of balance in your thoughts and feelings
  • Experience healing energy being channeled through your hands
  • Ways to improve your spiritual listening

Techniques You Will Experience

  • Spiritual Cleansing: Regenerate and strengthen your aura. This technique helps you neutralize negativity.
  • Seventh Heaven – A relaxation and focusing technique
  • Sea Of Tranquility: This meditation technique enables a person to maintain an inner calm during stressful situations and rejuvenate your “Life Force” at any time during the day. It is similar to taking a short nap and waking up refreshed, in as little as 20 seconds.
  • Clear Channel Healing: Experience the flow of healing energy through your hands to another person. This is done as a group uniting several people together as one for more impact. Also experience this group healing energy being transmitted through your soul as a receiver.
  • Security Circle: Experience the increased energy of having a united group healing energy cleansing Planet Earth.

Event Info

Saturday April 30th
1:00 am-5:00 pm

Illuminations Healing Arts
329 10th Ave SE,
Cedar Rapids, IA
Registration Fee: $55.00

Do you have questions:
Call (877) 525-6335



Roger Ringo
Educator & Consultant

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