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Spiritual growth is the science of becoming more relaxed, comfortable, content, loving and accepting of yourself and all things. It is believing in yourself, trusting your connection with spirit and respecting the rights of others to live as they choose. It is living in the now with a feeling of inner peace and wonder.

Spiritual growth is an on-going process that never ends.

Part of the process is discovering your true power to create, heal and communicate clearly at all times with yourself, your inner guidance (AKA angels, Holy Spirit, spirit guides, etc.) and others. To grow spiritually, you need to find like-minded people with whom you can share experiences and grow. You have a need to experience new horizons in an organized manner so you can know you are growing.

Every workshop, course and seminar we offer is designed to fulfill your spiritual needs. They have different titles and goals, but the big picture goal is to put into your hands tools and techniques that expand your understanding of how to live successfully as a soul with a body … to expand your soul consciousness and oneness with all things.

Change your world change by learning how to get the most happiness, inner peace and fulfillment from doing the things you love to do.

  • Keep your energy clear, positive and constructive
  • Unfold your full spiritual potential
  • Create deep, meaningful relationships with others
  • Experience your spiritual freedom while living in a complex society
  • Understand your experiences before this life, your life’s purpose and life after death
  • Navigate the spiritual realms and communicate with high souls

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Upcoming Workshops


Accelerating Spiritual Growth through Psychic Development
May 5, 7pm - 9:00pm
3527 Ellwood Avenue


Accelerating Spiritual Growth through Psychic Development
Wednesday, May 13, 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Sacred Circle Bookstore
919 King St

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