Upcoming Workshops


Accelerating Spiritual Growth through Psychic Development
May 5, 7pm - 9:00pm
3527 Ellwood Avenue


Accelerating Spiritual Growth through Psychic Development
Wednesday, May 13, 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Sacred Circle Bookstore
919 King St

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New Spiritual Horizons are Coming

The College will be initiating campaigns, directly to the New Searcher, for our New Spiritual Horizons Program. What this means for you is that more and more people experiencing the Man and the Universe Lecture will be connecting with their Journeymen. Additionally we are going to create campaigns inspiring Searchers, who are ready, to become [...]

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A New Service from IPMI

Uniform Branding and Web Solutions for ALC Certified Consultants and Instructors. What if you could have a professional web presence like this site for your programs? You can! Inner Peace Movement International will help you build your community program site, host it, and set it up so you can add, remove and edit your own [...]

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